Company - A family united under the sign of food


A united family

Daddy Angelo was the first to understand that we should have dedicated our heart and soul to the exploitation of the fruits that our land gives us everyday. The love for our land, Puglia, has encouraged him to create a business reality in order to promote the typical products of the Apulian culinary tradition.
A love transmitted to we sons, Francesco and Michele, who, once took over the family business, went on the same path with dedication and passion, always inspired by the fundamental values of our business philosophy: love, passion, care, experience, quality, authenticity.
Our company is conceived as a producer of semi-finished products for industry, becoming over the years, a veritable reality, successful and renowned, dedicated to the production of finished products destined to final consumers all over the world.
We are artisans of fine food, we carefully select our raw materials and we operate with collaborators which are part of our family. A solid reality, transparent and responsible, steadily increasing and improving.

il territorio

The excellence of the region

We are located in the “Alto Tavoliere” of Apulia and precisely in San Severo, city of ancient merchant and farming traditions. Thanks to the flat territory and to the mild climate, several are the cultivations that make the city important from the culinary perspective. In fact, the area of the Alto Tavoliere, set among the Gargano mountains and Monti Dauni and entirely covered by every kind of cultivations (from the vineyards to the wheat fields…) is historically known for its beauty and for what offers in the farming sector. Frederick II of Swabia said: “ If the Lord had known this lowland of Apulia, light of my eye….he would have stopped to live here”. A land all to be discovered, appreciated and tasted. We just do this: we get on the table the excellence of our territory.